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[b]Hepatic encephalopathy[/b]

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[b]Hepatic encephalopathy[/b]

مُساهمة  d.sombola في 31/3/2009, 03:38

Hepatic encephalopathy

.It is the syndrome of disorderd consciousness

and altered neuromuscular activity that is seen in

patients with acute or chronic hepatocellular

failure or portosystemic shunt


viral hepatitis

Paracetamol toxicity and other drugs

, monoamine oxidase inhibitor , isoniazid , halothane anesthetics

Acute fatty liver of pregnancy

Wilson disease

Following shock

Budd chiari syndrome

Rarely extensive malignant disease in the liver

The term portosystemic encephalopathy refers to

a chronic neuropsychiatric syndrome secondry to chronic liver disease

This condition occurs with cirrhosis .

PSE is seen in patients with portal hypertension due to spontaneous shunting or in patients following portocaval shunt operation

عند وجود تليف بالكبد يعود الدم بالمواد السامة الي الوريد البابي بدلا" من المرور بها علي الكبد

تعبر هذه الموادالسامة الي المخ وتسبب غيبوبة الكبد

ومن أمثلتها


free fatty acids


false neurotransmitters (octopamineincreased levels of aromatic aminoacids (tyrosine
and phenylalanine
reduced branched amino acids (valine ,leucine , isoleucine


تنقسم الي أربع مراحل بحسب تطرو الأعراض...

Stage 1:

patients exhibit inappropriate behavior , altered sleep pattern ,

النوم بكثرة أثناء فترات النهار

loss of affect ,depression ,or euphoria .

There is usually asterixis

ارتعاش اليد عند محاولة بسط الزراع

and difficulty with writing and other fine motor skills

Stage 2 :

patients are confused , disoriented , there is accompanying fetor hepaticus

رائحة كريهة

and asterixis.

Stage 3 :

patients are stuporous (lethargy)

يرقد في سبات

with marked confusion ,they are barely

responsive to painful stimuli .

,asterixes should be present

.there is usually hypereflexia ,clonus , and rigidity of limbs,

grasping and sucking responses

ردود فعل عنيفة

Stage 4 :

patients are in deep coma

,usually with no response to painful stimuli ,

muscle tone may be totally absent , limbs flaccid , and reflexes depressed

Treatment include the following

first, general measeures like

Improvement of hepatic function if possible by

treatment of the underlying parenchymal liver


Identification and removal or correction of the

precipitatingc causes

Removal of any sedative drugs
لأنه ستزيد من ضعف حالة المخ المتدهورة أصلا"

Reduction of the influx of the cerebral toxins

such as ammonia ,GABA,and mercaptans which

are protein breakdown products from the gut

This is accomplished by the following


Catabolism of patients endogenous protein

should be prevented
لتقليل تكون الأمونيا

by providing adequate calories (1.800-2.400)

per day in the form of glucose or carbohydrate
vitamins and minerals such as magnesium

, calcium, Phosphate and zinc may be deficient

تعويضها and should be replenished
and also
Restriction of dietary protein


Intestinal cleansing

Especially if there is GI bleeding

bowel cleansing is initially accomplished by

enemas or intestinal lavage solutions such as



Elimination of Organisms That break down

proteins and convert them to the putative

إزالة البكتيريا التي تتسبب في تكون الامونيا والمواد السامة الأخري

is accomplished by the use of

antibiotics or non absorbable sugars



-it's a non absorbable amino glycoside
ولأنه لا يمتص من المعدة بشكل كامل فلن يكون له أثر جانبي علي الكبد

- orally in dose of 2-6 gm\day

-or 1 % enema if the patient has ileus


- effective in the management of resistant

hepatic encephalopathy but

its high cost is prohibitive

Dose 250 mg 3 or 4 times /day for 7-10 days

2-Nonabsorbable sugars

e.g. Lactulose

Is non absorbable disaccharide orally in

dosages of 60 to 120 mg of sugars /day

The goal is initially to achieve diarrhea then to

produce 2 to 3 soft bowel movement per day
هذا الاسهال سيخلص الجسم من الامونيا الموجودة في المعدة

The mechanism of action of lactulose is multifunctional

It cause an osmotic diarrhea

It is broken down in the colon by gut bacteria

to short chain fatty acids which lower the pH of the stool
The low pH promotes conversion of ammonia

(NH3) to ammonium (NH4+) as well as NH2

, this making them less lipid soluble and less

able to cross cell membranes of enterocytes of

intestine to be absorbed into the circulation

Also the low pH decreases the growth of gut

bacteria which produc ammonia

أما استخدام ال cholestyramine في بعض المرضي فليس له علاقة بالامونيا

لكنه يستخدم للتخلص من الصفرا في مرضي الكبد المزمن


Branched chain amino acids

(BCAA) may be IV or oral form ,Oral BCAA

regimen have strongly suggested that this

dietary strategy May be useful ,but IV BCAA

enriched formulas , no evidence

that it leads to more rapid resolution of hepatic




Because Zinc deficiency has been suggested to play a role in hepatic encephalopathy


Benzodiazepine receptor antagonists
للتغلب علي زيادة ال GABA

such as flumazenil has been used in several trials

Sixty to seventy percent of patients improved

after IV flumazenil administration


Surgical consideration:

Porto systemic shunts are successful in decompensating portal hypertension and
ameliorating PSE

liver transplantation

intractable hepatic encephalopathy unmanageable by medical treatment
is clear indication for liver transplantation

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رد: [b]Hepatic encephalopathy[/b]

مُساهمة  Dr. Areeg magzoub في 8/5/2009, 19:47

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رد: [b]Hepatic encephalopathy[/b]

مُساهمة  alfatih hamad في 15/7/2009, 14:14

جزاك الله

لا تدع قطار حياتك يتوقف كثيرا على محطة الياس.. واحتفظ دوما بتذكرة الامل..

alfatih hamad

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مُساهمة  Orwa Abdelmonim في 15/7/2009, 15:05

تسلمي علي هذه المعلومات القيمة جدا .. وفي إنتظار المزيد من الإبداعات ...

¤ اللهم إرحم السر واغفر له وتغمده بواسع رحمتك مع الصديقين والشهداء وحسن أولئك رفيقا ..
¤‏ اللهم إرحم بروفيسور عاصم فاروق وإغفر له وتغمده بواسع رحمتك مع الصديقين والشهداء وحسن أولئك رفيقا ..
§‏|‏"':.*.:'"| |"':.*.:"'| |"':.*.:"'|§

..¤.:"*.. د. عـــــروتــك ..*":.¤..
Orwa Abdelmonim
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رد: [b]Hepatic encephalopathy[/b]

مُساهمة  Mankaka في 18/7/2009, 15:15

جزاك الله

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